Image & Colour

Through our life’s journey, we may change countries, move house, or change the friends we go out with. Aspects of our personality may get highlighted or diminished, our body shape may change, but the pigmentation of our skin and the colour of our eyes remain fundamentally the same, as do the core elements of our personality.

These are the essentials of whom and what we are and the secret of feeling and looking good is being in harmony with those essentials. So it follows that certain blends of colours and styles of clothing will suit us beautifully and there are others that do not.

I offer you the experience of discovering and identifying your own very personal range of colours and style. Those that will best enhance your natural beauty and help you to look great and feel comfortable.

From this base of knowledge you will then be able to create an exciting, practical, colour co-ordinated wardrobe that closely suits your personal life style and budget.

Colour Consultations are both Fun and Informative, either on a one-to-one basis, or for couples or small groups and they are equally relevant for Women and Men.

The sessions take place in my comfortable consultation room located in Kyrenia, looking down to the sparkling sapphire blue Mediterranean.

Comments by Michael, Viola’s husband.

Viola has gone through a beautiful transformation since doing her colours with our friend Gilly Montgomery of the House of Colour. What I want to tell you about is the effect becoming colour-wise has had on her and the way she lives it out.

Her colour journey began six years ago, but of course that body shape and the colour of her hair and skin, those deep brown eyes and her facial character (with the smiles and expressions that floored me twelve years ago), they have always been there. But I have seen how these personal assets have now been formally recognised, identified, brought out into the open, then enhanced and confidently displayed with pride and knowledgeable self confidence.

Her space in our bedroom has been steadily transformed and now hums busily in a light and vibrant festival of colour. The sides of chests of drawers are festooned with colour graded arrays of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Scarves and belts are handily suspended from rows of hooks on the insides of her wardrobe doors. Shelves are filled with tidy layers of tops and trousers displaying bold harmonies and subtle suites in favourite shades, rails hung with dresses in ordered progressions of her “winter” colours.

Wether she’s dressing for her day’s consultation work or for a dinner out with friends or a wedding party, I’m a fascinated witness to the confident manner in which she plays with the effects of the choices she makes and the enjoyment with which she chooses what she will wear.

Everything to hand has already been carefully selected for colour and style and, as she selects a match for the context of the gathering and co-ordinates the accessories, she knows in advance that, …..if its there in the wardrobe, it will suit her…..